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Physical Therapy Student Kit

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Cardio Equipment

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Dry Needling Supplies

TheraTouch CX4 without cart



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Instead of ordering from multiple vendors, get all your physical therapy supplies in one location. SupplyStream not only offers streamlined ordering, it also allows for streamlined invoices. Save time for both your front and back of office each month!

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Equipment Service and Repair

Prioritize patient safety with our annual safety inspection, on-site repair, and mail-in repair services.

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Improving access to patient products to create optimal outcomes. Patients can purchase products that clinics choose to offer.


New Clinic Outfitting

Use our expertise to outfit your new clinic with the most effective solutions to meet your needs.

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PT POS In-clinic Retail

Bring real time inventory management, consignment based goods to your clinics.

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PT Finance

Access the funding you need to set up or expand your PT business. Offer your patients a modern solution with the best equipment and supplies available.

Join a Network Dedicated to Your Success

Partnering with the industry’s best physical therapy companies to control costs and develop tools to assist in optimizing patient outcomes.

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PT United Favorites

TheraTouch CX4 with cart

TheraTouch CX4 w/ Cart

Therm-X Machine - AT Version

reusable carbon electrodes cloth back

Bodymed cloth back, reusable

Medsurface 3-section Hi-Lo Table

Clinton treatment table with shelf

Clinton Treatment Table

CT800 Treadmill

Spirit CT800 Treadmill