We are not a vendor, we are a partner!

PT United is a Co-Op of Physical Therapy businesses, distributing supplies, equipment,  as well as an industry leader in new clinic installations, equipment maintenance and repair services. We currently support over 4,000 clinic locations and offer over 100,000 individual product SKUs from a wide range of manufacturers. We constantly strive to provide the latest and greatest product offerings to our customers.

The founder of PT United, Quinn Worden has spent his life entrenched in the Physical Therapy industry watching his father treat patients everywhere they went in the community, managing a private practice in a very competitive market. The challenge of balancing patient needs and the clinics needs ultimately sparked the creation of PT United and the concept of allowing providers to spend more time focused on their patients and less time worrying about supply chain functions.

At PT United, we passionately believe “Physical Therapists are Heros” since their practice is vital in patients recovery and  optimizing their quality of life. This gives us a great sense of pride knowing the difference we make in patient outcome!

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We serve to make a difference in our healthcare system by adding value through innovation and world class services.


Empower and unite the PT profession to transform the patient experiences.

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Our team is passionate and dedicated. Each person plays a valuable role in taking care of our partners.

We Are a PT Owned Organization

Two partners are better than one. When we unite we strengthen our voice. We are uniting to solve the challenges of the PT ecosystem.

Share a patient story that will help build awareness of the value PT delivered. Please don’t hesitate to contact us today with your story (patient privacy conditions apply).

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